Issue 35, August 28th

It was really great to see Donn Carr again and having him speak at last week’s meeting.  I know his message was well received, as I don’t recall the last time I saw our audience so attentive during a motivational speaker’s presentation.  Donn gave a rousing speech to remind us that our senior most “boss” is our client, and we should always treat them accordingly.  If you think of it, so often that’s not the case and as he said, “they can put you out of business tomorrow!”  I took that to heart and taped a small reminder note to my desk as a reminder.  Donn mentioned his monthly newsletter, which I can personally attest is an easy and inspiring read.  If you’re interested in getting in touch with him, or being added to his distribution list, you can email him at

This week we’ll jump back into politics briefly with our election night watch party on Tuesday at Blackfinn, followed by our Panel discussion at Wednesday’s meeting.  If you’re planning to attend Tuesday evening, we need you to register ASAP as we need to give Blackfinn a count. You’ll receive a $10 credit to your tab that evening.  A link is below for your convenience, please do so my close of business on Monday afternoon.  Then we have Ron Littlepage from the T/U, A.G. Gancarski from Florida Politics, and SBMC newcomer Roger Austin who is a political consultant based in Gainesville and an adjunct professor at UF.  Charles McBurney recommended Mr. Austin very highly and said we’d be well served to have him on the panel.  The 3 will give feedback on the offices and initiatives on the ballot affecting us in NEFL, and their opinion of what this means just 2 mos. down the road.

Finally we’ll have a nice weekend the following with the Labor Day holiday.  Enjoy your seersucker and white while you can, it’s almost time to put them away for the season!  Have a great time with your family and friends, and most importantly Go Jaguars!!!!!

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