Issue 35, August 30, 2015

Let’s eavesdrop on your Southside Business Men’s Club President and Chairman as the power team prepares for an SBMC event:

Tim, “Does this look ok?”

Annie, “Hmm…you need to change your shirt.”

Tim, “You bought me this shirt.”

Annie, “Yeah, seven years ago!”
, “It’s an IZOD; what’s wrong with the shirt?”

A, “It’s old.”

T, “I’m old!!”

A, “Ok, the collar is jacked up…and it’s a little snug on you.”

“But there’re no holes in it. It’s a perfectly good shirt.”

“Seven years ago it was a great shirt. Today, it’s only good for working in the yard. Or, you can give it to Goodwill.”

“Hey, I’ve bought some great shirts at Goodwill.”


“So you don’t want me to wear a perfectly functional shirt, of good quality, that you purchased for me.”

“Was that a question?”

“Fine…what about this one?”

“Oooh, I really like that shirt!”

“Well, alrighty then! I just want to look good for you and make you happy. I love you, baby!”

“Ahhh, I love you too, baby!…Were you planning on wearing those shorts?”


“Well, now they don’t go with that shirt.”

“They went with the last shirt…whatever.”

“Why don’t you wear those jeans I just bought you, instead?”

“These Jeans? Ok, do I look alright now?”

“You look great baby! Does my hair look ok in the back?”

“You always look spectacular. Now let’s go; we’re late again.”

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