Issue 38, September 20, 2015

At last Wednesday’s SBMC Past President’s Day celebration, we had the great honor of seeing some of the Presidents who’ve led our club, during the last 45 years of our 83 year existence.  We also remembered 2 that we lost recently: 1974 President A.J. Pionessa and 1975 President Allan Gimbel.
The dedication of our Presidents to this organization has been tremendous; their feats have and will, benefit the southside of Jacksonville for years to come.  But rather than dwelling on their actions, take a good look at them.  With the exception of our very lovely 2014 President, see the scars and wrinkles that they have earned.  Most still reside in this community.  Many are active in this organization.  These people ARE the Southside of Jacksonville.  They have earned and deserve your respect.

Front Row, left to right: Tom Harris 2007, John Martin 1988, C. Lee Daniel 1977, Dole Kelley 1972, Gene Bushor 1994, Jimmie Harden 1970, Crump Kirby 1999.
Back Row, left to right: John Hamel 2000, Jim Parrish 2004, Tom Carroll 2001, Annie Howe 2014, Jepp Walter 2013, Tim Buchanan 2009, Ken Dean 2011, and Mark Wilkinson 1996.
There are others were unable to attend this year’s event, but are still very much a part of SBMC:  Gene Maszy 2003 and 2010 (auctions), Angelo Volpe 2008 (Board of Trustees), and Steve Johnston 2005 (Programs Chairman).
When you come to a meeting, or Club event, please take an extra moment to recognize them, and thank them for their work in helping develop the Southside of Jacksonville, and this club, into what it is today.
On a lighter note, we still have our sense of humor…except Dole!


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