Issue 4, January 25, 2015

You’ve heard the words many times,

but read them slowly, and let them sink in:


The purpose of the Southside Business Men’s Club is to promote thematerial, civic and social improvement and betterment of Duval County, in general, and specifically to promote the welfare and advancement of the 

Southside of Jacksonville.

–We’re not here, to perpetuate the Club’s own existence.

–We’re not here, to stand on our previous laurels.

–We’re not here, to be just a social club (that does some good in the community).

We are here to improve the lives of the people of Jacksonville, and specifically those on the Southside (and, make some friends, do a little business, and have some fun along the way).

For 2015, we will continue our legacy charitable programs, and adding something a little different.  We will work with our currentnon-profit organization members, to help them achieve some oftheir goals

–Procuring and assembling care packages for our city’s homeless (City Rescue Mission).

–Holding a career day for middle school students, where our members can talk to the students about how we achieved our goals (Junior Achievement).

–Helping to work on a home for a needy family (Habijax).

–Working with our military veterans who are adjusting back to civilian life (Warrior City).                                                                           –And, a landscape beautification project (Pine Castle).

So, are you looking to make a difference?  This year will be an exciting year for our club, and there will be plenty of need and opportunity for you to ‘get involved’.

I encourage you to find a project that’s of interest, and join that effort as a committee member, or a Co-Chairperson.  It is imperative that everyone volunteers in some capacity.   Because, we are a Club that gives, not takes.

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