Issue 42, November 6th

This is going to be a HUUUUUGGGGE week we have coming up, this incredibly long election cycle will come to a close on Tuesday, at least in part.  I’ve been anticipating a tight race for months, but now I think if that ends up a reality, then we could see either side challenging the result in court.  With all the controversy out there about voting problems, I would like to compliment Mike Hogan and his staff on an incredibly smooth process at early voting in Duval County.  I pulled up to the library in Deerwood Park around 11:30am Friday to a packed lot, then walked up to the longest line I’ve ever seen at an early voting location.  However, within 5 minutes I had my ballot and was casting my vote.  It’s nice to see they’ve finally simplified the constitutional amendment language, but now I think it was TOO simple.  Also some were a tad misleading.

At the meeting last week, Delores Kesler had all of our full attention listening to her story and “secrets” to success as she said people often request.  She steered away from politics, though she brought her granddaughter along who’s very active in the local and state Republican party.  Being a 34 year-old man, I came of age well after the barriers Delores and other women had to overcome were long since broken.  While this was the second time I heard her speak in the last year, I was still amazed at all the obstacles she encountered on her way to success….and how she overcame them with determination and class.  The Millennials would do well to learn from people like Delores who paved the way for the things to which many feel they’re now “entitled.”  While I hear some criticize us for clinging to our history by not changing our name, she referred to SBMC as “very progressive” while speaking with our incoming President Julie Clements, Jepp Walter, and me prior to the meeting.  Fortunately Delores and her business partner have a company that coaches people (particularly millennials) about success and the hard work it requires.

Following election night on Tuesday, we’ll host our annual Public Safety Award luncheon.  Sheriff Mike Williams, for the second time since taking office, will join us to recognize the Police, Corrections, Community Service officers, and Civilian Employee of the Year.  It’ll be my honor to join him in presenting awards to the people who keep us safe so we can live without fear of harm unlike many parts of the world.  Also this week we’ll put the finishing touches on our Veteran’s Day Float Wednesday evening, this year in partnership with Meninak and the JHNSA who lent us a large missile for use on our float.  Ernie Petzrick still needs some volunteers for construction, help the day of, and disassembly on Saturday.  He and his committee have done a fantastic job this year, which also required a full redesign…many thanks to Bill Bishop for our professional architectural design.

Also this week and the next, thanks to the never-ending generosity of Past President Jepp Walter, our weekly door prizes will include some extra special items!  Jepp has donated, and will be auctioning off,  autographed photos of Rashean Mathis and David Garrard this week and next respectively.  Images are below, so don’t miss out on a great opportunity to help support the club.

Finally I’m sure everyone will be reading next week’s installment of our newsletter, just before joining us at our annual Jaguars Tealgate for our team’s “Salute to Service” game against the Texans.  This year we’ll be in Lot X since the Fair will still be in town.  Dr. Colby Caltrider hit a home run and recruited new members Brandon Stanko and Anne Urban to Co-chair this year’s event.  While this is always a treat to which I look forward, having a detail oriented attorney and professional event planner involved adds immense value to the event.  They formed a dynamic committee, and I’m looking forward to enjoying Salt Life’s Mahi Fish Tacos before the game!

The next 34 days will just about wrap up our activities for the year save our final meeting.  In that time we’ll see our float in the parade, enjoy a fantastic tailgate regardless of the game’s outcome, raffle a flat screen TV, elect new club leadership, celebrate all our successes at our annual Holiday Gala, and take about 30 underprivileged children shopping for Christmas and put some big smiles on little faces…..with a few holidays in between.  The work to put all these events together has been ongoing since as early as January, and I’m excited to see the end results.  If you haven’t already registered for these events, please do so right now as they will sell out!  Please join us Wednesday, and particularly Friday and show our Veteran’s the appreciation SBMC has for their service.

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