Issue 42, October 18, 2015

It’s Sunday morning at about 9am, and you just received the weekly SBMC newsletter. 
After reading my President’s Message…with excitement…many of you will soon be heading to the SBMC Tailgate party at the big Jaguars sporting event!!  Some are already at the location, setting up for today’s festivities.  These SBMC committee members are working like Santa’s elves to put on one of our more popular social events!
This is a full-service event:  Starting at 10am, the Players Grille is cooking up some traditional tailgate fair, D.J. John (Hamel) will be spinning the tunes, and Soon-To-Be-World-Famous bartender: Scott Schilbrack, is creating some truly delicious Bloody Marys!  There will also be kegs of beer, but you’ll have to manually operate that yourself…think back to your college days!
The Jags/Texans game starts at 1pm.  This is an important match for both teams, to decide who will pick first in next year’s College Draft Day!!  Yes, we all know the Jags are terrible for yet another season.  But at this point, nobody’s going to stadium to see if we’re securing the home field advantage throughout the playoffs.  We’re going for the game day experience, and to have some good old SBMC camaraderie. 
Once again this is a successful event:  our allotment of game tickets have all been sold.  There are no ‘walk up’ SBMC tailgate/party tickets available, as we had to turn in numbers for the caterers. Conversely, I’m sure there will be PLENTY of game tickets available at the Jags box office.
I’m so excited, that I’m cutting my message short to go have some fun!
See you there!!


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