Issue 43, October 25, 2015

I know you may tire of me ballyhooing about the importance of SBMC in the community and how our volunteer efforts change people’s lives.  But it’s very rewarding to hear it from the receiving end. 
The following is a write up about our recent 2nd Annual Duckworth Construction/Savage Brothers YAP J.R.O.T.C. Charity Clay Shoot, from the Public Affairs Officer for the NJROTC Area 12 network (north Florida and all of Georgia).  This also went out to the Duval County school system.
Doing good deeds in our community, and having fun doing them!  
I hope you agree: 

 at the
Southside Business Men’s Club Clay Shoot
These days we hear so much negative information concerning guns, but the Southside Business Men’s Club, along with Duckworth Construction, has found a way to use guns for good. On October 3, 2015 Southside Business Men’s Club held a fundraiser to provide scholarships funds for the Youth Achiever Program (Y.A.P.) and local NJROTC Units in Duval County. The fundraiser was in the form of a Sporting Clay Shoot at Amelia Shot Gun Sports, just West of Amelia Island in Yulee Florida.  
 (SBMC Pres. Tim Howe, center, VP Patrick Heatherington far left)  
Amelia Shotgun Sports, run by Barbara Martin, is the premiere shot gun sporting range on the First Coast. This location has been the spot for this event since its inception two years ago.                
The chief sponsor for this exceptional event was Duckworth Construction Inc. Duckworth Construction is a local company founded in 1988 bythe company’s President, Hank Duckworth, a graduate of the University of North Florida. Mr. Duckworth, a member of the Southside Business Men’s Club (SBMC), was quoted as saying, “we sponsor this event because we get to interact and have an impact on the youth of America.”   
  (Hank Duckworth far left of photo)   
The Cadets of Robert E. Lee High School NJROTC acted as the work force behind the sporting clay event. The Cadets were responsible for maintaining safety at each of the twelve stations, taking control of the clay pigeon throwing machines, and keeping score for every shooter. It is always safety first anytime there is a gun involved and this event was no exception. The Cadets used what they learned in NJROTC and applied the Civilian Marksmanship Programs (CMP) safety rules of (MAT), Muzzle, Action, Trigger, to ensure the safe handling of weapons on the range.

Everyone from the youngest shooter, to the seasoned veteran had a great time shooting, eating, and meeting new friends. The Cadets of Robert E. Lee NJROTC received high praise from Barbara, “the Boss”, the members of the SBMC, and Mr. Duckworth for the stellar job they did throughout the event.

If you are a business person and you are looking for a great civic organization, take a look at Southside Business Men’s Club, which formed in 1932. If you desire to learn how to shoot skeet, trap, and sporting clays, Amelia Shot Guns sports is the place for you; if you would like to check out the pictures of the event above, click the Robert E. Lee website link below. HOO-YAH 


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