Issue 46, November 15, 2015

So that it does not appear that I am judging, on occasion, I am guilty of the following:
Are issues, especially the ones that may not directly affect you, merely someone else’s problems?  Do you take the easy path, though it may have more detrimental concerns, later on?  A test of a person’s character is: will they do the right thing…when no one is watching? 
When you see a shopping cart in a parking space, do you return it?  You’re going in the store anyway.
Do you hold the door for others, especially when their hands are full?  We DO live in the south.
If your car is making a new noise, do you think to have it looked at?  Do you think it’ll go away on its own?
Do you pick up after your pet? 
Even if you don’t want Girl Scout cookies, do you think to make a $5 donation to their cause?
Rather than complaining about the clogged street drains, do you clear them yourself, or wait for the City to eventually get there? 
Do you frequently irrigate your lawn thinking there’s an endless supply of fresh water?
Do you complain about local/state/national issues, and not vote?
Do you pick up the empty can or bottle that’s near the trash can?
Do you acknowledge a stranger walking past you?
You see someone fall; do you help them up and ask them if they’re ok?
Questions like these can be hard…the answers should be easy.


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