Issue 49, December 6, 2015

We constantly fight to avoid falling behind…in business, in our finances, in life. Trying hard, will not guarantee success, however NOT trying will guarantee failure. You’ve learned tough lessons that have guided you in life. They helped mold you into the person you are.

Who, or what, do you recognize as the catalyst in your life? Parents? A teacher? A mentor you worked for years ago? Some life-changing event? Everyone one of us is a contributor to our society because of an influence someone bestowed upon us at some point in the past.

But what if that never happened? What if no one, or some event didn’t occur that was to become the turning point in your life? What do you think would have become of your life?

Today, many kids are told they have to go to college. But what if they are not college material, or don’t have the desire to pursue higher education. They may ‘give up’ before they even enter the workforce. Or, maybe they think they’re going ride ‘easy street’ to fame and fortune, because they see it today’s entertainers, sports heroes, or just because they think they deserve it.

You and I know that the hard realities of life do not discriminate; it will take down anyone who is unprepared. What tomorrow’s adults need is a ‘hand up’ not a handout. They need to hear it from people who have made it through the barrier. They need to see a future where they can enjoy life, and not drown in despair.

This is where you come in.

SBMC is joining forces with Junior Achievement for our final non-profit member project of the year. On Friday, December 11th, we will be at Southside Middle School: 2948 Knights Lane E. 32216 at 12:30pm. This is located just off Barnes Rd in between Parental Home and University.

This costs only one afternoon of your time. Hopefully, you will be the inspiration in some child’s life. Maybe, you are the person to encourage a youth to choose the path to a better future.

If you own or manage a business that does not require a college education of its employees, and would like the opportunity to change a person’s life, then I encourage you to contact: Rita Story, JA Program Director, (904) 254-6866

If we do nothing, we may be setting the course for much larger scale problems, in the future.

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