Issue 5, February 1, 2015

Somebody once asked me: How much do you need to be wealthy?


Now we all know the true answer to that question lies in the perspective of the person being asked.


–To a 5 year old, having 2 ice cream bars off the truck makes you wealthy.  Especially when that jerk neighbor kid was only given enough money for 1.


–The teenage kid with a part-time job (and no expenses), feels pretty rich when he can spend all his money on video games.


–I have the love of the woman, who is absolutely perfect for me in life…I’m the wealthiest man alive!  (yeah, I played that card).


Does a credit card with a high limit and a low balance make your rich?  NO! It makes you a slave to the temptations of a spending spree, and a balance you can never pay off…just what the MAN is hoping for.

But what if you had a credit/debit card with money already on it?!  And not your prepaid money either!!  I’d say a windfall like that would make you wealthy, regardless of the amount.

Segue alert: I’d feel pretty wealthy if someone handed me a card, with say…$500 on it!  Oooh, what would I do with $500?!  It’s not enough to pay off real debt, but it’s enough to treat yourself to something you’ve been putting off.

–You could take your better half to Savannah for the weekend; ok, maybe Palatka.

–You could use it to cover a good portion of that much-needed ‘bigger’ screen TV.

–You could buy a set of tires for the car.

$500 is just that…$500 to do with anyway you choose.

Here it comes: Valerie Seagraves and 2nd V.P. Julie Clements are selling raffle tickets for a $500 Amex card!!  The drawing will be held on February 18th!  The chances of winning are extremely high right now, so you really need to help support some of our Club’s causes by purchasing tickets.  You can get 1 ticket for $5, 3 tickets for $10, and 7 tickets for $20!!  Spend $5 and get (the chance at) $500!!

Now, I’m no math major, but that’s at least a…well, a…lot more than you started with!

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