Issue 5, January 31st

During the first meeting of the year, I referenced feedback I had received from members over the past year or so and some new initiatives as a result.  The first being a commitment to providing noteworthy speakers in name, or in title on a regular basis.  The second initiative was taking ownership of the food quality offered on our lunch buffet at San Jose.  In my last message with one month down I’m proud to report, thanks to the involvement of dedicated members, we’re fulfilling these commitments and the feedback I’ve received so far has been immensely positive.  If you take a look at Penny Kievet’s program lineup for February we have outstanding speakers scheduled.  All of whom are leaders of their organizations/offices beginning with Steve Halverson, CEO & President of The Haskell Company this week!

Last week we saw the first of Jeanne Maron’s menu selections for our lunch buffet and they were phenomenal!  That’s not just my opinion, I had MULTIPLE members approach me before the meeting telling me how pleasantly surprised they were walking by the food on their way in.  Not only did they express their own enjoyment after eating, but they remarked on feedback they overheard at various tables saying how much they loved the food.  My compliments to Jeanne as I already knew and trusted her palate from all the bottles of wine I’ve bought over the years.  Thank you for volunteering to undertake this new endeavor, I’ve already seen the next 6 weeks’ selections and am looking forward to them.

Coming up on February we’ll begin with our first social this Tuesday night which hit capacity with 50 people in less than a week!  Thanks to all who responded quickly, we’re sure to have a blast.  The Tallahassee Legislative Visit is just around the corner our Rookie Chairman Walter Smith has been incredibly busy coordinating the itinerary with Reps. McBurney, Ray, and Renner’s legislative aides this past month.  In addition, he’s simultaneously already secured over 10 sponsors for our 2016 YAP Fundraiser set for the second week in March!  To no surprise, last week we had a fantastic Golf Outing at North Hampton, an Arnold Palmer course, thanks to our resident Golf King Nico Hogeveen.  Going into the month I’m also proud to report about 5 new membership applications having crossed my email and we still have 2 weeks to go.  Thanks to all of you for bringing guests, keep it up!  Hank Duckworth arrived on the 20th with 2 and convinced them to join the same day!  It’s an exciting start to a fun-filled year, and we’re just getting started.

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