Issue 8, February 19th

We learned a lot at our last meeting about how intense it can be to get the Florida Times-Union articles written, edited and printed, all on a daily deadline. During Hurricane Matthew, much of the Jacksonville area was asked to evacuate. A crew of Times-Union employees had to go to Georgia to keep their website functioning and then the paper had to be printed in Savannah. Editor Mary Kelli Palka, who was our guest speaker last week, will not let anything be printed in the paper unless she’s confident that her reporters have investigated all the facts, then double-checked them again. No fake news here!

Our guest speaker this Wednesday is Donna Parker with JEA.  She will be sharing JEA information that is relevant to commercial customers (rates, services, etc.). Also joining her is Jon Rogers who is the program manager for the JEA Investsmart program. This program offers many rebates and incentives to our business customers that can help them realize significant long-term energy savings.

I’m really looking forward to our first Meet-a-Member event of the year!  From what I’ve heard from Angelo Volpe and Anne Urban, it is something that shouldn’t be missed! 

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