Issue 80 June 27

Last week we welcomed Nat Ford, CEO of JTA who talked to us about all the responsibilities the transit authority manages, not only in Jacksonville but throughout Northeast Florida. Ford briefly talked about the possibility of bringing on and purchasing an electric ferry for Mayport in order to one day replace the current aging ferry. This is due to not only it’s age, but the logistical challenges in having to maintain and repair an older diesel operated vessel. Ford also touched on how the gas tax will help with funding for other infrastructure projects like the emerald trail, and improving the skyway.
The skyway seemed to be a focus of interest. Ford explained that since the original project was federally funded, it is not that easy to just tear it down and pay back the original funding. It was acknowledged that the skyway’s original intent was to serve more of downtown Jax, and even go into Arlington, via the Matthew’s bridge.
In short, Ford said it looks like the plan will be to repurpose it and extend it ten miles like we promised in the original deal. Included are adding stops deeper into both Riverside and San Marco, extending it further to the sports complex, as well as linking Shand’s hospital with the medical facilities on the south bank.

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Join us this week as we welcome Weatherman Mike Buresh from Action News Jax. He will fill us in on what to expect as we are a month into this year’s hurricane season.

Jeff Volpe
2021 1st Vice President

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