Issue 83 July 18

Last week we welcomed Cord Byrd, who gave us an update on the actions being taken by our Representatives in Tallahassee. If you missed it, you missed out! I would like to ask everyone who reads this message to mark your calendars for August 22, 2021. We will be hosting the first SBMC flag retirement ceremony where the JROTC students at Riverside High School will be retiring their tattered and older flags with the respect they deserve and in accordance with the US flag code.
If you have not attended one of these ceremonies, I cannot recommend it enough. Let Howard Caplan know if you would like to be involved in this event. I also hope to see you all at our next meeting where we will welcome Dr. Diana Greene, as well as at the ballpark for our family social event on the 25th.

Brandon Stanko
2021 President

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