Issue 91 September 12

Last week we welcomed SBMC’s very own networking guru and past president, Jepp Walter. Jepp gave us some insight on the “do’s and don’ts” of networking and how you should conduct yourself at unfamiliar networking events. The biggest takeaway is that one should always listen. One great tip was: When you you just meet a new person, write notes on their business card in order to remember who they are and what they do. Also, have a well-prepared elevator speech when meeting new potential clients.
This week we welcome Charlie Cofer, Public Defender for the Fourth Judicial Circuit of Florida which serves Duval, Clay & Nassau Counties. So, come on out to network and hear the latest news from the office. Remember parking is free and the food is good.
I hope to see everyone tomorrow at the Y.A.P golf tournament.

Jeff Volpe
2021 1st Vice President

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