Issue 94 October 3

Last week we welcomed one of SBMC’s own, Paul Bednar and his wife Alicia who talked to us about K9s For Warriors, specifically their experience in being volunteer “puppy raisers” for the organization. They have taken in several puppies over the last three years and pre-trained them before the dogs return to K9s For Warriors to receive their “professional” service dog training and get matched up with their warrior as a “Battle Buddy” for life.
Nearly 700 warriors have been served and 1,300 service dogs have been saved from shelters. One thing I found interesting is that if a dog fails the rigorous training due to health or other reasons, the majority end up still in service as emotional support animals for various agencies or are put up for adoption to the general public.

I hope to see everyone this week. Bring a guest and get them signed up in order to qualify for the membership drive. Remember parking is free and the food has gotten better.

Jeff Volpe
2021 1st Vice President

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