Civic Organization Chair Person’s Message

90 years! The Southside Businessmen’s Club, SBMC for short, was the first civic organization founded in Jacksonville and is celebrating its 90th year this year. Over the years, the club has been instrumental in shaping the southside of Jacksonville, from the building of Friendship Fountain and the Main Street Bridge to our current projects. Which may not be quite as visible, but I would argue have an even greater lasting impact. These include giving out a number of college scholarships each year along with helping to send elementary students to Washington DC for the national Safety Patrol gathering.

While the elements of our civic action may change over time, one thing that has never changed is the comradery that the members of this great club share. The members of this club are more than simply acquaintances, they are friends and family. Someone is always willing to lend a hand to another member in a time of need and to be there to celebrate joyous times.

I am looking forward to seeing how our 2022 President, Jeff Volpe, moves each of the goals of SBMC’s mission forward and creates a stronger club than he inherited. I know he is up to the task and will help to keep SBMC the premier civic organization that it has grown to be.

Brandon Stanko
Chairman of the Board