Meet the President of Our Civic Club

julie-pres-profileWhen I first joined the Southside Business Men’s Club, I didn’t know a single person and never in my wildest dreams did I think I’d be leading the organization several years later. I’ve met some of my closest friends through this club and this group is my second family!The past two years have been tough for me, personally. First, my youngest son who lives in California contracted a life-threatening infection and almost died. I returned to Florida and two months later I was diagnosed with cancer. This group of caring business professionals surrounded me with encouragement and love. I want to thank the past presidents and the club officers for supporting me when I needed it the most.I have a lot of goals for 2017, but one of main ones is to bring back the fun! We will focus on increasing the incentives for current members and making the Club more attractive to new members. I’m excited to start the year off with a fantastic line-up of program speakers that are community leaders and industry experts who have a passion for the growth of Jacksonville. Be sure to stay connected through our newsletter and Facebook page for all the details.

Speaking of connecting, there are numerous ways to grow your professional network within the Southside Business Men’s Club:

  • Attend weekly lunch meetings
  • Volunteer at charity events
  • Attend one of the many Meet-a-Member events this year
  • Attend a social event
  • Sign-up to be a Spotlight Speaker

I am honored for the opportunity to lead SBMC in 2017. It’s going to be an exciting year!

Julie Clements