Meet the President of Our Civic Club

Hello and thank you for visiting our website and our organization.Walter Smith

I became a member of The Southside Business Men’s Club (SBMC) in 2013.  Over the past 7 years, I have been involved through the Club in some amazing civic activities and met a lot of really great people.  Since 1932, SBMC has had many great presidents and I am honored that I was trusted to be that person for 2020.

SBMC is constantly striving to make Jacksonville in general, and the Southside in particular, a better place to do business and call home.  SBMC is one of the premier civic organizations working to enhance the quality of life in Jacksonville. We have a long history of impacting events in Jacksonville.  Past SBMC civic activities include the building of Friendship Fountain and the University Blvd. overpass at Philips Hwy — just to mention two of many projects in which we’ve been involved.

A main focus of the club has always been the students in Jacksonville. The club has given hundreds of thousands of scholarship dollars through our Youth Achiever program.  These scholarships go to deserving students attending public schools on the south side of Jacksonville.  In 2019 the total scholarship amount was over $42,000. We also sponsor one southside school’s trip to Washington D.C. each year for the members of the Safety Patrol to see Washington D.C.

SBMC is also about having fun.  Through our monthly golf outings, Member Hangouts, Meet-a-Member events, our annual Jaguars Game Tailgate party, and many more, SBMC is a great avenue to become civically engaged, to learn about our great city and those that make it work, all in a fun relaxing atmosphere.

In 2020 our members will continue these traditions in a big way.  If you are a member, this is YOUR club so GET INVOLVED, share your ideas to make it better. If you are not a member (yet!), come visit and you’ll quickly see why we are a fun loving club that does tremendous work for our community.

Walter Smith
2020 President