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YAP Golf Tournament

Period Active: May 23
Our largest fundraiser of the year and in 2016 our 21st SBMC Youth Achiever Program Charity Golf Classic takes place in Mid-May at San Jose Country club. For 20 years members Crump Kirby and Jay Cann have led their committee to raise hundreds of thousands for scholarships to our graduating former Southside elementary safety patrols as well as the annual Pauline Smith Scholarship. About 5 years ago they recruited Rick Thompson as a permanent leader of the committee to help carry out their vision. Currently the tournament raises money to fund $9,000 in Youth Achiever Program scholarships and $2,000 for our Pauline Smith Scholarship named after the first female SBMC member who served for years as the club’s Executive Secretary when only Men were allowed membership. According to several past presidents Pauline basically “ran the club” providing institutional memory and continuity for decades. The tournament offers participants a fun & entertaining chance to play one of the most exclusive and historic courses in town, the satisfaction of supporting a great cause and a chance to do charity work Jacksonville.


Past Presidents Day

Period Active: September
Once a year on the first Wednesday in September we gather to honor all those who’ve led the club for the better part of a century and invite as many as are available to join us for this special day. In 2016 one of our most noteworthy Past Presidents, Dole Kelley, Jr. passed away and this year’s Past Presidents day will be dedicated to him and all his various accomplishments.


Public Safety Awards

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Charity Project Habijax

Period Active: April 23