Issue 197, September 17, 2023

We are off and running with some very busy Fall months. Please mark your calendar for all of the amazing programs and fundraisers to get involved with.

This past Wednesday, we had an energizing meeting with some quick wit and interesting personal stories. Our guest speaker, Nadine Salem, a global strategist and connection cultivator, reminded us of the importance of resiliency and adaptability.

Nadine shared her perspective on resiliency. This is a character trait we all need to develop. Jobs are always changing (i.e.: many positions are now being replaced by AI). Many businesses will be bought out and small businesses may merge or simply go away. We must be adaptable to change; Unlearn the way we always did things and relearn new ways.

She pointed out the three main ways to reduce stress:
• Recognize and accept that things will happen. Hardship and suffering is part of life.
• Reframe the way you view hard experiences. Instead, think why is something happening for me?
• Zoom out and take a macro view. Get outside your own thoughts and get a bigger perspective. Handle problems as they come. Don’t stress about future problems.

This week, we will dive into the world of robotics with John Wood, CEO of Sally Dark Rides (formerly Sally Industries). Come learn about many of the projects they are involved in, and some of the animated creatures they have designed at our favorite theme parks and businesses. Don’t forget we have an exciting Meet-a-Member at Fisher Design this Thursday, as well as our annual Clay Shoot fundraiser on Friday. All of the fundraiser’s proceeds go to our ROTC scholarships.

Don’t forget to bring a guest and a door prize. Also, if you haven’t already donated, please bring a gift card for our unique Gift Card Raffle. This fundraiser is a great opportunity to possibly win lots of shopping gift cards just before the holidays. Buy your tickets at the meeting!

Have a great week.

Jeanne Maron
2023 President

Issue 196, September 10, 2023

This past week we heard from Mark Lamping, the President of the Jacksonville Jaguars, who provided a comprehensive overview of the team’s objectives and initiatives for the future. Lamping highlighted the Jaguars’ commitment to excellence, both on and off the field. He began by discussing the team’s ambitious plans for on-field success, emphasizing their dedication to building a competitive and successful football franchise.

Moreover, Lamping delved into the Jaguars’ active involvement in the community. He expressed the organization’s desire to create a positive impact beyond football, focusing on philanthropy, education, and community development. Lamping discussed various community outreach programs and partnerships designed to uplift Jacksonville and its residents.

In addition to their on-field pursuits and community engagement, Lamping touched on the Jaguars’ efforts to enhance the fan experience. He spoke about innovative initiatives aimed at making game days more memorable for fans, ranging from stadium improvements to interactive fan engagement programs.

Throughout his talk, Lamping conveyed a sense of enthusiasm and determination to make the Jacksonville Jaguars a source of pride for the city and its residents. His vision for the team extended beyond wins and losses, encompassing a broader commitment to building a stronger, more connected community through the love of football.

Mike Best
2023 1st Vice President

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