Issue 26, June 25

We had a great meeting this past week! We inducted a group of new members into our Club and District 6 Councilman Matt Schellenberg shared his thoughts with us on the Mandarin neighborhood and how it should progress in the coming years. Specifically, Mr. Schellenberg voiced his concerns over the sidewalk and road repairs that should take a priority in the local budget. Many SBMC members live and work in Mandarin, so we recognize the need to stay competitive with neighboring St. Johns County in regards to walk-ability, top-notch public education, and infrastructure. We also had a lively discussion about term limits for local elected officials. Councilman Schellenberg believes that the current two-term limit causes too much loss if institutional knowledge and empowerment of unelected staff. He believes that the voters can and do replace those that are not doing a good job. Your thoughts?

I’m looking forward to our guest speaker next week, outgoing City Council President Lori Boyer. It’s been a noteworthy year in Jacksonville politics and I know she’ll have some valuable insights to share with our members.

See you on Wednesday,

Bill Bishop
2nd Vice President

Issue 25, June 18

Last week our guest speaker was Senator/SBMC member Aaron Bean. Always an energetic meeting with the Senator! We learned some things that happened during the recent legislative session, i.e. death penalty bill, gambling bill, Stand Your Ground bill and more. Always nice being in the know about what is happening in our state!

Next week our guest speaker is City Council Member Matt Schellenberg.

I hope to see everyone at the Meet-a-Member this Tuesday at About Floors N’ More (next to Bonefish on San Jose Blvd. in Mandarin). Tickets are $10.00 for drinks (wine, beer, water, sodas) and appetizers! Where else can you go for a deal like that, not to mention networking with your fellow members! Please click here to buy your tickets online.

See you then and at the meeting on Wednesday!

Julie Clements
2017 SBMC President

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