Issue 84 August 18th

Last week we welcomed Sean (Coach Sean) McCarthy of Bold City Coaching. Mr. McCarthy gave us a motivational talk of how the most important key to your success is your mindset and how asking the right questions is the key to knowledge. McCarthy asks “How do you define success?” and “What can you do to add value to the world?”. Certainly food for thought.

Bill Bishop
2019 President

Issue 83 August 11th

Last week we welcomed Drew Slover, owner of the Jacksonville Axemen Professional Rugby team! Mr. Slover gave an interesting talk of how Rugby differs from American Football and of the goals he has for the team moving forward! Did you know that the Axemen are the first of our Jacksonville teams to win a National Championship? If you would like more information on when and where you can attend a match and support this great team, please visit!

Walter Smith
2019 1st Vice President

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